I explore human perception in the digital age and how we perceive the world, especially things that we feel are alien to us. The unknown exerts a fascinating and sometimes frightening attraction on me, almost like something spiritual that compels me to connect with the world.

In my work, I bridge the old with the new, the digital with the physical space by moving images and objects between both worlds. They exist in a constant state of transformation and reside in an in-between space. I utilize digital techniques such as 3D modeling, digital painting, and photogrammetry, combined with analog methods from printmaking to sculpture.
A major source of inspiration for my work are video games and virtual worlds as they offer unexplored places and mysteries. At the same time, I am fascinated by (pre)history and mythology and how people in the past perceived the world and their surroundings. In a time when we often alienate ourselves from each other and nature, I am interested in how we share common primal fears and beliefs with our ancestors and how we can learn from their perspectives and representations of the world.

Jonas Wolff

Contact: jonasmariawolff@gmail.com